DeBenedittis has earned seat


I have lived in East Williston for over 42 years. My wife has been by my side in East Williston since 1991. We both love East Williston and have demonstrated that love by our actions throughout the years.

We have both had the pleasure of knowing the DeBenedittis family for over 11 years. They are an awesome family and their three great kids are their report cards. The letter that their son Eric sent to the Williston Times demonstrates that he has been a daily observer of his mom in action.

Caroline DeBenedittis is the definition of East Williston. I always thought that if we had a recreation center, it would be named after Caroline.  I always bust her chops about being the energizer bunny and when will she slow down to human speed. Along with her business background which all the candidates have, what Caroline brings is a “great mom and volunteer degree” from Big Heart University and a Ph.D. in making East Williston kids enjoy  their youth while it lasts.  Sure, we need a board that has a lot of  business savvy experts ready to do battle with all of the issues that surround us every year. But what we really need is at least one voice whose top priority is not the business world but who is totally on target with the No. 1 commodity in our village – kids and community.

Caroline does all the things that we all do as parents for the right reasons – our kids. I can list the “above and beyond” attention grabbers (there are many) that she aptly handled over the past 10 years, but it’s not all about sound bites. She is an asset and deserves a chance to continue her great work making the village that nice little place in Nassau County that people flock to for many reasons.

Is she fiscally responsible???

If the village gave her a budget of zero dollars to entertain the kids, she would keep those kids happy with a bag of rubber bands and some ingenuity. Spending wisely and having to stretch our village dollars is what she does best. You cannot put a price tag on what she can do and what she has already done for our village.

I have total respect for all of the candidates that are willing to dedicate their free time to make East Williston the best place on earth. Thank you for making me proud of East Williston. I wish we could elect all of the candidates.

That being said, Caroline needs to be embraced, appreciated and elected, not viewed as a dark horse running against the community party.

By her actions, she has demonstrated who she is, time and time again over the years!

By electing Caroline DeBenedittis for Trustee, our village and all it’s residents will be the winners!!!

Kevin Quinn

East Williston


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