Desk of Paul Ehrbar: How to keep your vehicle safe

Village of Williston Park Mayor Paul Ehrbar.

“I don’t understand why kindness and manners are so hard to come by, they are free”

Al Kuhn 2018.

As we move through an extremely cold winter, I ask residents to check on neighbors who live alone, especially our seniors. A number of our seniors rely on others to help with every day tasks.

It is beneficial for all to reach out, to offer a helping hand, if only to put out a neighbor’s garbage or pick up some needed groceries for those who have difficulty with both.

What helps to make Williston Park fantastic is our great community spirit. As I have noted many times “Together we can make a difference”!

While our village is extremely safe, there are some issues that have developed throughout Long Island.

Unlocked vehicles are being entered, usually at night, and personal items are being stolen. The NCPD has been successful in apprehending a number of the perpetrators, however this problem continues.

Williston Park has not had this issue recently but I thought it would be wise to pass along information provided by the Nassau County Police Department. Their recommendations for residents to safeguard their vehicles are as follows;

Always lock parked cars, even when in the driveway or garage,

Never leave or hide a spare key, smart key, or valet key anywhere in or on car, no matter where it is parked,

Never leave valuables in the vehicle,

If possible, park the car in a locked garage,

Keep the exterior of homes and driveways well illuminated,

Completely close all windows in the vehicle when parked,

Secure a garage door opener to prevent access to the house.

Call 911 to report suspicious activity.



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