East Hills warns drivers of deer on the move

East Hills warns drivers of deer on the move
Bucky, a deer spotted over the summer that the Village of East Hills named. A deer spotted this week may or may not be the same one, the mayor said.

A local deer is on the move.

It was seen on Finch and Cardinal drives in East Hills on Nov. 11, and the village is advising drivers to be on the lookout.

The deer may or may not be Bucky, a deer spotted in a Nassau County sump over the summer that East Hills lovingly named, said Mayor Michael Koblenz.

Koblenz even framed a photo of it.

“I thought it was cute,” he laughed. “We had our own deer.”

Regardless of which deer this is, the village wants drivers to be careful on the road.

“This thing could be 300 pounds,” Koblenz said.

Deer spottings are not Roslyn’s only recent brush with wildlife. Coyotes were seen wandering the area in July.

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