East Williston village creates superintendent of buildings position

The East Williston village board voted to add the position of superintendent of buildings to village code on Monday. (Photo by Rebecca Klar)

The East Williston village board added the title of superintendent of buildings to the village code in a unanimous vote during Monday’s meeting.

The decision comes as the village goes about replacing Robert L. Campagna, who served as the village’s building inspector for more than two decades. Campagna died at 65 last June.

The village is eyeing Jared Mandel, of Jared Mandel Architects located on Hillside Avenue in Williston Park, to take over as superintendent of buildings.

The role Campagna served was more in line with the position of a superintendent of buildings, rather than the technical position of building inspector, but was grandfathered in and was able to serve under that title, Mayor David Tanner said.

Although the village is changing the title of the position, the hours and responsibilities will be in line with residents had under Campagna.

The change is simply a legal technicality, Deputy Mayor Bonnie Parente said.

The board has interviewed Mandel, and Parente said they were all impressed by him.

The board still has several steps to go through with the Nassau County Civil Service Commission before deciding on Mandel.

During the meeting, the board also addressed the plan for a fence around the North Side School that the East Williston Board of Education has promised to follow through with.

Tanner said the board has reached out to the school district. He said the district said they will provide the village with plans when they have them.

East Williston Board of Education President Mark Kamberg has said the board has not yet decided on a final plan.

The elementary school sits within the village, but Jeffrey Blinkoff, village attorney, said the school is regulated separately and does not necessarily have to follow village code regarding fencing restrictions.

In the area the school falls in, the code would allow for a four-foot fence, Blinkoff said.

Tanner said the school board has reached out to the village to find out what the village code restrictions are.

Kamberg has said the board of education will work with the village during this process.

Parente said that while the school doesn’t have to adhere to the village code, she hopes that by them reaching out it’s an indication they will voluntarily comply.


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