Girl Scout Troop 1307 to add four dog waste stations in Williston Park

Girl Scout Troop No. 1307 will add four dog waste stations around Williston Park as their Bronze Award Project. (Photo by Rebecca Klar)

Williston Park Girl Scout Troop 1307 returned with an updated plan to add dog waste stations in spots across the village during the village board meeting on Monday.

The girls announced they will be adding four stations, an option they said they decided upon because the board said the village could provide poles for them.

The troop members first presented their plan at an April meeting.

During the initial presentation the girls were unsure which of four options to choose, each with differing costs and levels of equipment.

Since the village said it could donate street poles, the troop was able to pick a mid-priced option and put in more stations.

The dog waste stations serve as the troop’s Bronze Award project.

There will be 10 rolls each with 200 bags per roll at the station.

Mayor Paul Ehrbar said he hopes the village goes through them quickly.

The stations will likely be put by the Williston Park pool, the corner of Willis Avenue and Hawthorne Street, and Kelleher Field by Syracuse Street, based on suggestions made by the troop during the April presentation.

Ehrbar and board members thanked and commended the girls for their hard work and help to the village.

The girls will maintain the stations for six months, after which the village Department of Public Works will take over.

The troop members said they may add a plaque on the stations saying they were donated by Troop 1307.


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