Girl Scouts speak out against increased Port schools roster fee

The Port Washington School District Board of Education during a meeting. (Photo by Luke Torrance)

Members and leaders of Port Washington’s Girl Scout troop spoke out against the raising of roster fees during the Port Washington School District’s Board of Education meeting on Tuesday.

Roster fees are per student payments that are used to pay maintenance and staffing costs for extracurricular activities. Previously the cost had been $10 per student, the district had recently decided to double the cost to $20.

But members of the Girl Scouts thought that was too much of a jump.

They talked about how the program was enriching for the girls and provided services to the community, such as school cleanups where troop members collect trash around the district’s property

Sloan thanked the leaders and members of the Girl Scout troop for speaking about the roster fees but said it was unfortunate that the group did not express their concerns earlier during the district’s policy meeting.

“We tried to put out word [about the meeting], I believe there was representation for the Girl Scouts there, but a lot of information that you are sharing is news to us,” she said.

But she said that the policy committee would discuss the issue again at their next meeting and encouraged the Girl Scouts to attend.

While the buildings themselves were empty of students, members of the Board of Education stressed the district was still hard at work through the summer.

Superintendent Kathleen Mooney said that work continued to be done on the Guggenheim and Manorhaven elementary schools, although she was unsure if the work would be completely finished by September.

Mooney said that enrollment so far for the 2018-19 school year was below expectations, but said there are usually a lot of new registrants in August.

Sloan and Nora Johnson were once again chosen as president and vice president, respectively, of the board. Both were unanimously elected. Board members also received their committee assignments for the new school year.

This board has been together for a year, and I’m really excited about the opportunity… to impact change in the district, I think it will be a really great year ahead,” said board member Dave Kerpen.

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