Glickman’s tone offensive


I read the appalling letter published by your newspaper – January 7, 2011 issue – from a Mr. Michael S. Glickman respecting the mayor and trustees of Great Neck Plaza. I cannot help but be horrified by its venomous contents. I was surprised that you chose to publish it as a letter to the editor rather than the editorial piece it is.

Although political differences should be expressed with passion and forcefulness,it does not signify that ad hominem rhetoric has a place in a civil and civilized society. I find it equally disturbing that even if Mr. Glickman were to have well-founded disagreements with the way the village is run,which is possible, the way he communicates it is borderline calumnious and certainly petty in the extreme.

His intemperance defeats the purpose he has and his principles seem to be inconsistent with the quality required of a public servant. I wonder what this gentleman does for a living that permits him to be so radically judgmental and dismissive as to the way one deals with the reality of running this village, or for that matter any political entity.

In my long-standing relationship with several administrations of Great Neck Plaza as an owner of commercial property, including the building where Mayor Celender maintains her business, I have never observed the vitriol and contempt for others in local government as are exhibited by Mr. Glickman. His arguments, even if he has reasons to be angry respecting the economic situation of this community, has everything to do with the dire economic reality of our country and very little to do with the way a small municipality is run.

Although Mr. Glickman has every right to express his frustration, reasonable people should be wary of the way he communicates it; over-heated oratory has no place in a small community that prides itself on being inclusive and respectful of all. I have in the past disagreed with the policies of the mayor and some of the current trustees, and may do so again in the future; but I have never questioned the honesty, probity or dedication this mayor, as well as previous ones, and the board of trustees have for this community.

In conclusion, and because of the tragic circumstances that we witnessed this past weekend, it is important that comity prevails. Mean- spiritedness and demonizing people with whom you disagree must have no place in a thoughtful airing of ideas. That, of course, should be understood by all sides involved in these local issues. Thus, would it be too much to expect that the people Mr. Glickman has so ungenerously sullied would have the wisdom not to reply in kind? Insulting and mocking prose do not permit intelligent and constructive dialogues, and it certainly tears at the social fabric of a community.

Patrick Silberstein

Kings Point



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