GN sisters open their ‘Haus’ doors


Two Great Neck sisters officially opened the door to their “Haus” on Thursday when they cut the ribbon on Haus of Tova, a lifestyle boutique located at 73 Middle Neck Road. 

“There’s nothing else like it in Great Neck,” Judy Benaim said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “It’s a one-stop shop for men and women.” 

The Haus of Tova sells clothes, jewelry, accessories and home decor products. 

Crystal Benaim, Judy Benaim’s sister, also works as a full-time makeup artist for the boutique. 

Judy and Crystal Benaim opened Haus of Tova in February after working in the retail and makeup industries for more than 10 years. 

“We thought we could team up and open up this store,” Judy Benaim said. 

The name for the boutique was inspired by their mother, Tova. 

“We decided to honor our mother,” Judy Benaim said. 

Crystal Benaim said she had worked as a freelance makeup artist for makeup company MAC and was excited to have her own studio to work in. 

“All of my customers from MAC have followed me here so that’s really great,” she said.

Crystal said that business at the boutique started to get busy during school prom season and that she was preparing for “wedding season.”

“It’s going to get really busy,”she said. 

Judy Benaim also said that business has started to expand thanks to word-of-mouth promotion.

“Everyone’s starting to walk around and see what we’re about,” she said.

The Benaim sisters said they are also promoting their business through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as using the #HausofTova hashtag.


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