Gounaris represents well


We have known Jim Gounaris for the past 10 years as an involved parent, coach, and friend. He has always demonstrated a profound interest in and aptitude for the educational process of the Herricks Union Free School District. He has become well informed about the operational intricacies of the elementary, middle, and high school where currently he has children at each level. Jim has consistently demonstrated a willingness to get involved, roll his sleeves up, and advocate for students, parents, and teachers, regardless of the popularity of his position.

Jim did not wake up yesterday and suddenly decide that he wanted a position on the school board. He has “lived it” every day as a person who simply does not accept the status quo and continually involved himself in the arduous and politically precarious environment of the local educational system.

After a particularly grueling series of meetings regarding the budget last year, it was apparent that Jim “had our backs” and strongly represented a majority of the populace in our district. We naturally turned to him and said, “So, when are you going to run for the school board? “

Without question he has weighed this decision very carefully over the past few years and considered how this would affect his family and business. He came to the conclusion that there is a strong network behind him to support his candidacy and people like ourselves that are willing to assist him with the difficult decisions and tasks that our district faces in these challenging social and economic times.

Mr. Gounaris has demonstrated his ability to organize, collaborate, and manage to achieve educational, social, and financial goals in positions of authority in his church, school district, and businesses. At every step he has been hands on and involved. This is why it is our opinion that he is the right person to become part of arguably the most important organization in our community.

Jim Gounaris is intelligent, articulate, outspoken, and dedicated. He is the one candidate who has the desire, experience, and skill to make positive changes.

If you believe in what Jim stands for, give him your vote and add his voice (and yours) to the Herricks School Board on May 17.

Dr. William and Susan Facibene

Hamilton Park



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