Great Neck is now part of Israel?


Ben-Sorek includes some interesting items in his letter of the 28th. These ‘include our prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu’ and ‘We Israelis.’ 

I didn’t realize that Great Neck (New York State, USA?) was part of Israel. I never knew that we had a prime minister; I thought it was a president. 

We must thank him for informing us. With regard to his view of President Obama, I would suggest that he reads the article “Who threw Israel under the bus?” by Efraim Halevy, an ex-director of Mossad, in the New York Times of Oct. 24. It might help to deal with facts, not prejudices.

Also, with regard to Stephen Morris’ letter, you can only get ‘re-elected again’ if you were re-elected previously. As the tea partiers were elected in 2010, they could only be re-elected or elected again in 2012, not both.

Finally, seeing as how one cannot beat the many writers using inappropriate and unnecessary honorifics, I will join them by signing off as


Dr. J. Marcus

Great Neck


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