Great Neck villages should back Great Neck Arts Center


I am disappointed that only three of the nine Great Neck Villages financially support the Great Neck Arts Center.

This nationally regarded institution provides the peninsula with services that each of our municipalities have chosen not to offer their residents.

Part of being a better government is to offer your residents a variety of services, including the creative arts. While the community continues to experience a difficult financial time – why should we sacrifice the very foundation of our civilization, certainly not under the guise of “one should do with less”?

Furthermore, the arts center has repeatedly shown its ability to mount important art shows and The Gold Coast International Film Festival in year two will continue to drive more people into Great Neck, impacting positively on the commerce of the Community.

Our villages must find it within themselves to think creatively and recognize what an important asset the Great Neck Arts Center is to their individual Communities.

An asset that requires their financial support! If sacrifices need be made, find them in other areas that do not impact this jewel.

Pat Schneider

Great Neck



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