Jewelry stolen in East Hills home burglary, police say

Jewelry stolen in East Hills home burglary, police say
Nassau County Police say an East Hills resident died in a crash Friday. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

A burglar entered a home on Salem Road in East Hills and stole jewelry last Wednesday, according to Nassau County police.

The home was entered through a second-floor window when no one was home, a police public information officer said.

Police arrived at the residency around 6:20 p.m., he said.

The home does not have a security system and the window was left open, said Mayor Michael Koblenz.

“You might as well put a sign out that says come to my house I’m not home,” he said.

A gold bracelet was among the jewelry that was stolen, he said.

“Always make sure your house is locked,” the public information officer said. “Notify a neighbor that you might be gone. Maybe keep a night light on … those are some good ways to deter.”

Residents can also consider storing valuables in a safe deposit box, he added.

Koblenz, who is on Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder’s community council, said he continually reminds residents to exercise basic safety precautions such as locking doors and purchasing security cameras.

The village has very low crime, and many incidents that do occur could have been prevented, he said.

There was another burglary in the village Oct. 27. Police were unable to immediately say whether it resulted in an arrest or if it was connected to last week’s incident, the public information officer said Tuesday.

In the October burglary, Jeanine Cinelli said $25,000 worth of her property – which included jewelry and bags – was stolen from her boyfriend’s house.

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