Kings Point trustees approve resident offshore dock plans


Revised plans for a homeowner’s offshore dock were approved by the Village of Kings Point Board of Trustees at their meeting Tuesday.

Albert Gorjian, who is seeking to  build the dock for use by kayaks, was requested to revise project plans to comply with village requirements.

Village Superintendent of Public Works Michael Moorehead said the dock would be four feet wide by 65 feet long.

“They only want a shallow depth for some kayaks,” Moorehead said. “The property is only 136 feet wide. They’re going to need a waiver and we’re going to need the village engineer on board for the engineering of the dock.”

Village of Kings Point Mayor Michael Kalnick said a waiver would be necessary to move forward with the project because of the narrowness of the property — similar to other houses and structures in the area.

“There are many long thin docks so it’s in character with the neighborhood,” Moorehead said.

Also at the meeting, trustees approved a local law to amend the regulations regarding driveway widths, curb cut outs and driveway aprons in the village.

This new law restricts curb cuts to 20 feet, and requires driveway apron and curb widths on public streets to be determined by the superintendent of the Department of Public Works.

The board also introduced a new bill to further regulations on fences and driveway gates.

Trustee Ron Horowitz said this bill would simply regulate colors and materials allowed for gates and fences within the village.


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