Library project a bargain for G.N.


I’m a person who loves a bargain. The proposed refurbishment of the library seems to be so reasonable that I could consider it a bargain. Support of the library renovation will also make me proud to be part of the Great Neck community, with an interest in the future of my town and my neighbors.

Instead of living with a library building where every part of the infrastructure needs modernization to prevent serious problems for me and my neighbors as patrons, we will be able to read and do research in comfort, safety and beauty. We will be part of a community that is interested and concerned with being both financially and environmentally responsible.

New lighting and machinery will reduce costs and provide for sustainability. Our new drainage system will protect Udall’s Pond and the wild life that lives and visits there. The new spaces will provide support and activities for all age groups. The children’s room will be doubled in size, the A.V. room enlarged considerably, and teens will have a study space. Computer access will be much more readily available.

By my calculations , this improvement for the community could be called a bargain. If a house is valued at one million dollars, the owner will pay about $98 a year more in taxes. This amount of money is less of an increase than any of the other local tax increases that we pay. When I have the opportunity I will vote for the library renovation proposed by the trustees .I urge everyone to do the same.

Charlotte Schwartz

Great Neck



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