Mailer mars EW campaign


By the time you read this letter the East Williston village election will have been decided.

In my opinion, our village will be well served since all three trustee candidates that ran were equally qualified in their own way and will bring new energy, ideas and opinions to the board.

In the last few days of the election, however, a negative campaign postcard was mailed to all East Williston residents labeling a candidate as a “Williston Park” person.

I write to you today not to address the upcoming election but the arrogance and ignorance of the message in this card.

The card’s message was to keep the “East in East Williston” by diminishing the credentials and integrity of a person who grew up in Williston Park or works in Mineola.

A simple-minded person penned this ignorant message. A person or group of people who clearly do not understand the meaning or concept of a village or community undertook this act.

Technically, a village may be graphically defined but a true community and village has no boundaries.

People make great communities. Williston Park and East Williston residents, along with our children have over the years shared life experiences with each other and other communities.

Our friends and our children’s friends are not limited by street names or zip codes. Our houses of worship and schools are not confined by village boundaries. Our social clubs and sports activities expand far beyond Williston Park, East Williston and Mineola.

These are great villages in which to live and raise a family.

Sad is the person who believes that somehow East Williston is isolated and exists solely to promote it’s own fortunes.

I wonder if this author would hesitate visiting a doctor who practices in Williston Park or Mineola. I wonder if such a person would not eat in a great local restaurant simply because there is no “east” in the address.

In closing, I am angry that such a person or group of people live in our community and can only offer apologies to our neighbors in both Williston Park and Mineola for this coarse and ill-bred act.

Michael Braito

Village Trustee

Village of East Williston


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