Mangano lines pockets of ‘connected’ law firms


Tis the season to give and Nassau County gives and gives and gives some more to “connected” law firms whose written contracts (if they even exist) have been squirrelled away by the (Nassau) County Attorney John Ciampoli. Yes, it is the same man who, shortly after taking office last year fired all of the staff who were experienced in the facts of a very complex case. He then gave the lucrative contract (in a quick back-room deal) to a friendly law firm. Without the experienced people the county lost the case.

NIFA has requested the state comptroller to audit the county’s contract process. This process includes outside lawyers who are owed at least $6.8 million for work already completed even though NIFA has never seen the contracts in question. In response to NIFA’s request, Brian Nevin, a Mangano aide, was quoted as saying “There’s no government that has more oversight than Nassau County, where all (emphasis added) contracts are approved by the legislative body, . . . and NIFA . . .”

Mr. Nevin sure has a great sense of humor. I’ll wager he made that statement with a straight face.

Interestingly, NIFA board member George Marlin said he was “appalled at the county’s lack of transparency,” especially since NIFA has never seen any of the contracts in question. Some of the legal work dates back to January.

It looks like Mr. Mangano is working hard to out-Gullata former County Executive Tom Gullata.

Alan Reff

Williston Park


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