Manhasset HS competing for $100K


Manhasset High School is competing for a chance to win $100,000 and a concert by Kelly Clarkson by promoting safe driving techniques to students.

Celebrate My Drive is a one week program that runs Oct. 18 to 26 to coincide with Teen Driver Safety Week. It’s free to register at and anyone age 14 and up can cast a daily vote during that week for Manhasset High School. The more votes the school garners, the better the chances are of winning. 

“It’s our responsibility to make sure our kids are aware of how to drive safely,” said Dean Schlanger, principal of Manhasset’s Secondary School. “This program is a great way to teach kids in a fun and educational way the rules of the road.” 

The first year of driving can be the most dangerous one of all for new drivers and car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens. By partnering with Celebrate My Drive, a program established by State Farm Insurance, Manhasset High School wants to encourage young drivers to make the right choices when behind the wheel. 

Celebrate My Drive will also be a key component for the upcoming Spirit Week which begins Oct. 15 and culminates on Oct. 19 with a community parade and homecoming football game. Because the safe driving initiative will be a prime focal point for Spirit Week, activities will include having students try on vision impaired goggles to emphasize the highly adverse effects drinking has on eyesight, balance and response capabilities.  

The program is also being sponsored by the Coalition for a Safer Manhasset, Manhasset Youth Council, the Manhasset School and Community Association, the Manhasset Student Union and Nancy Morris State Farm Insurance.   

“As parents, teachers, role models and adults, it’s our job to keep everyone in our community safe,” said Katie Miller of the Coalition for a Safer Manhasset. “This is a great way to do it in a low-key, non-pressure way. That, along with the chances of winning money for our school and a great concert, make our involvement with the cause a perfect fit.”   

Register today at or call 365-2525. Voting beings on Oct. 18.


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