Manhasset-Lakeville, Manhasset parks district elections show low voter turnout

Manhasset-Lakeville, Manhasset parks district elections show low voter turnout
From left, Manhasset-Lakeville Water Commissioner Mark S. Sauvigne and Manhasset Park District Commissioner Kenneth Weigand both won their unopposed elections Tuesday. (Photos courtesy of Sauvigne and Weigand)

Though approximately 39,000 registered voters live in the Manhasset-Lakeville water district, only 216 voted in the commissioner election on Tuesday.

Incumbent Mark S. Sauvigne, running unopposed, garnered 207 of the votes, while 9 voters opted to write in a different candidate. Approximately .6 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the water commissioner election.

In the Manhasset Park District commissioner election, incumbent Kenneth Weigand received 98 votes of the 104 total votes. Weigand said 11,953 registered voters live in the district, and .9 percent of voters cast ballots for park commissioner.

The Manhasset Park District serves the area except for Plandome and North Hills. The Manhasset-Lakeville Water District serves all of Manhasset and Lake Success as well as parts of New Hyde Park, North Hills and Great Neck.

Sauvigne said the Manhasset-Lakeville Water District has an aggressive capital improvement program and plans to build upon that plan during his second three-year term.

“As we move forward I hope to continue to help build the infrastructure necessary to insure our water supply and distribution system will meet the ever increasing demands put upon it,” Sauvigne said. “As new challenges arise, whether they’re from existing conditions or emerging contaminants, the district will continue to strive to provide exceptional service at reasonable prices.”

Sauvigne also serves as Manhasset Park District treasurer.

Weigand, a second-generation Manhasset resident, said he is thrilled to have a second term as parks commissioner but wished more people had voted in the election despite him running unopposed.

Weigand said he is proud of the parking spot additions he has made across the district and plans to continue to add more spots, especially in the Field 3 lot on Memorial Place behind Mary Jane Davies Green. Weigand said the work to rearrange the parking lot should begin this year.

“Security is always an issue and moving of traffic so that our residents are able to get home is a priority,” Weigand said. “A continued focus will be on the illegal parking lots in town and I look forward to working to have them shut down.”

During his freshman term, Weigand said the district has also maintained resident parking fees while staying below the tax cap thanks to an increase in nonresident weekend parking fees.

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