Manhasset schools review costs of potential projects

Manhasset schools review costs of potential projects
From left to right, Trustee Carlo Prinzo, Board President Regina Rule, Superintendent Vincent Butera, Sen. Elaine Phillips, Trustee Pat Aitken, Trustee Christine Monterosso and Board Vice President Ann Marie Curd at Thursday's Board of Education meeting. (Photo courtesy of Manhasset Public Schools)

The Manhasset Board of Education reviewed cost estimates for 30 projects that it may pursue this year with its approximate $4.882 million in capital reserve funding at its Thursday meeting, Superintendent Vincent Butera said.

Some projects are estimated to cost under $500,000, such as a security booth or second security vestibule in Manhasset Secondary School, according to district architect John Grillo.

Others would exceed the budget entirely if they were to be completed fully throughout all of the schools, such as air conditioning and lighting.

Grillo compiled and presented the cost estimates. The board did not narrow down the list but plans to schedule a public meeting to begin doing so in the next couple of months, Butera said.

“What the process will allow us to do is identify the projects that should be included in the capital reserve as well as some that should be planned in the long term,” he said.

The list of potential projects, which Butera presented at the meeting on Sept. 24, includes some that would affect all schools and others for individual schools, such as a gym renovation at Shelter Rock Elementary.

Grillo also presented a proposal for asphalt redesign at the secondary school campus that will take place next summer.

The project will include water main replacement and an opportunity to change the traffic design.

“We consulted with a traffic design expert who proposed a reconfiguration of traffic flow and parking,” Butera said.

State Sen. Elaine Phillips attended the meeting because she obtained a $200,000 state grant to support upcoming security vestibule construction in all of the Manhasset schools.

There will be a vestibule in each school entrance, Butera said, and construction is on track to begin at the end of December after school hours and to be complete by the end of January.

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