Port Washington Water District Commissioner Peter Meyer issued a statement earlier this week thanking local residents for re-electing him.

“It is an honor and a privilege to have been re-elected to the Port Washington Water District’s Board of Commissioners,” he said. “I would like to thank everyone who continues to show their support and provide me with the opportunity to serve this community for another term.”

Meyer ran unopposed in the Dec. 5 election and received 497 votes.

He has served as a commissioner for the water district since 2000, the second longest tenure of the three commissioners after David R. Brackett, who has served since 1992. Meyer also holds the position of secretary for the water district.

In recent years,  Meyer, Brackett and Commissioner Mindy Germain have focused on updating the district’s infrastructure.

The water district recently announced an increase in rates to fund new construction and upgrades.

Among the projects that Meyer has pushed to initiate are an aeration system to remove organic chemicals, the installation of a nitrate treatment facility and the construction of the Beacon Hill water tower.

I take this job and the responsibility that comes with it very seriously, and look forward to continuing the great work done every day by this District,” Meyer said.

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