Mineola hospital hosts birth of identical triplets


Kelli and Jason Fenley did not expect their new baby boys to be one — or three — in a million.

Kelli, 33, gave birth to identical triplets, which happens about once every million births, at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola on July 1. 

In December, Kelli’s doctor told her she was going to have twins, she told Patch.

But on a follow-up visit the next week, she learned she was actually carrying the rare set of triplets.

Upon hearing the news, she told Newsday, she cried for 15 minutes. She and Jason, 38, were concerned about how they would afford to raise three more children in addition to their two-year-old son, Aidan.

But since the birth of Owen, Noah and Miles, Jason said, they “couldn’t be happier.”

“Some people hit the money lottery. We hit the genetic lottery,” he told New York City’s NBC4

The babies were born about two months early and each weighed less than three pounds, Newsday reported. They spent their first 51 days of life recovering and gaining strength in Winthrop’s neonatal intensive care unit. 

They got to go home to Brightwaters last month, where Kelli and Jason have been adjusting to life with four children. They have enlisted Kelli’s sister and Jason’s mother to help and traded in their pickup truck for a minivan, they have said.

Aidan has been helpful, too — he tries to calm his brothers when they cry, Kelli told Newsday.


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