Munsey Park reignites past tree lighting tradition

The Munsey Park Board of Trustees at an October meeting. (Photo by Jessica Parks)

Munsey Park Board of Trustees announced the revival of an old village tradition at Wednesday’s meeting.

In partnership with Munsey Park Women’s Club, the village will host a tree lighting ceremony in conjunction with “Light the Night” on Dec. 2.

Resident Greg LiCalzi Jr., disappointed with the Town of North Hempstead’s tree lighting, suggested having a ceremony in Munsey Park that will be “a little more small and special.”

Christmas carols sung by the Boy Scouts, a coat drive, and hot chocolate and games will be featured at the event.

“Light the Night” kits are sold by the Munsey Park Women’s Club for homeowners to display on their properties.

The kits were put together with Skills Unlimited, a clinical and rehabilitative service for people with disabilities, and will cost homeowners $20 for their first kit and $10 for any additional kits.

The proceeds from the sale of the kits go to the Munsey Park Women’s Club Philanthropic Inc. which works on a number of charity events in the village.

The tree lighting ceremony will most likely occur at Waldmann Park, but the location has yet to be confirmed.

Christmas trees were not the only plants on the agenda at Wednesday’s meeting with trustees discussing the medical marijuana facility that is planned for 1575 Northern Blvd., a half of a mile from Munsey Park village hall.  

While the determined location is not a part of their jurisdiction, Trustee Lawrence Ceriello said that it “could change life as we know it” in their village.

“There are a lot of kids on Northern Boulevard that cross all the time to go to Munsey Park School and all you need is one stoned driver to hit a kid in the middle of the day” he said.

Village Mayor Frank Demento, who was not in attendance, has reached out to local officials to advocate for residents against the MedMen facility.

Both North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth and state Senator Elaine Phillips responded to the mayor’s letters.

Phillips told residents in a letter that once hearing of their concerns she “immediately contacted the state health commissioner to demand a public hearing.”

Ceriello said he was unhappy with Bosworth’s efforts saying that she did not address the concerns of Manhasset.

“[Bosworth] is simply complaining to the state Health Department that the Town of North Hempstead has three of these,” Ceriello said.

“She is not complaining about it being in Manhasset,” he said. “I don’t think we can count on [the Town board].”

He suspects MedMen is scouting out locations on major thoroughfares in order to “mainstream the retail concept related to the sale of marijuana products” in anticipation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo legalizing marijuana in the state.

Trustee Anthony Sabino suggested that the residents of Munsey Park take action by reaching out to elected officials, especially now in the midst of an election season.

“It starts with letter-writing and concludes with the ballot box,” Sabino said.

Village officials unanimously approved United Paving’s bid to repave Hunt Road. 

Construction is expected to commence in November.


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