Nachmanoff knows gov ins, outs


I have known Dan Nachmanoff for over 30 years and have worked with him in local government and on many civic association committees. He is an incredibly hard worker. As a man committed to our community,

Dan has the rare quality of integrity and ethical values, he is the best candidate to lead and work with others in order to achieve what’s best for the Great Neck Park District.

We, my family and I, have had the pleasure watching his children and grandchildren grow up and enjoy many of the park facilities, whether it be the summer day camps, or all the sports, such as ice skating, tennis, etc.

Indeed, we are lucky that someone like Dan Nachmanoff, who has the energy and leadership qualities required for the challenging job of park commissioner, has decided to seek election to the park commission.

On Dec. 13, we should perform our small part in voting for the only candidate worth supporting, Dan Nachmanoff. My family and I will do so and so should every eligible voter in the Park District.

Steve Kirschner

Great Neck



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