Newsapers doing excellent job


As a subscriber to The Great Neck News and a regular reader also of The Herald Courier and The Williston Times, I’d like to compliment the staffs of all three publications for the excellent job they’re doing in covering and reporting issues and news concerning North Shore residents.

I find each publication’s front page inviting, compelling and vital – quite a contrast from the coverage the other weeklies (and daily) are providing.

There are so many newsworthy items in each issue. I also find it commendable that published stories are “customized” specifically for each community. The recent story regarding proposed red light installations appeared in Great Neck’s paper but was also apparently revised and rewritten for the Courier’s readers.

The coverage of Oscar winner David Seidler was wonderful but barely mentioned by the other publications.

I also commend your writers for their journalistic efforts in refraining from injecting their own personal opinions and editorializing in “straight” news stories.

I’ve lived in this community since 1977. This is the first time that a weekly is serving Great Neck (and New Hyde Park, Garden City Park, Williston Park, etc.) as a newspaper should.

It is both welcomed and commendable. I’m sure the other papers have taken notice.

They’ve got a long way to go before they can approach your quality and efforts.

A. Newman

Great Neck


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