NHP UFC mega gym set to open


The UFC Gym scheduled to open on June 15 on the site of the former King Kullen at 2020 Jericho Turnpike in New Hyde Park is poised to break the mold for the California-based company’s existing clubs.

“It’s turned out to be our most innovative club yet,” said Adam Sedlack, senior vice president for UFC Gym, of the company’s second east coast facility.

Sedlack said the 24-hour mega fitness center will feature laser lights throughout the 37,000-square-foot facility and a video wall of 20 40-inch TV screens. As in other UFC Gym facilities, New Hyde Park club will feature a cafe. 

But Sedlack said the UFC in New Hyde Park will also feature a social lounge with TV and wireless Internet.

“What’s new is the social space,” Sedlack said. “We’re trying to encourage our members to have this as a destination where they can hang out and work out. It’s just a different type of vibe than you would usually see. I think it’s going to create this kind of cool effect that we’re going to have.”

UFC will also feature an octagonal ring and a padded room for mixed-martial arts training.

On its opening day, Jason Figorski, general manager for the new club, will conduct a new member expo, offering tours of the new facility for new members and prospective new members.

“It’s so people understand what UFC Gym is all about,” Figorski said.

On opening night, Figorski said the gym will screen a UFC fight and will regularly schedule fight nights, featuring pay-per-view bouts. 

The New Hyde Park location has remained vacant since King Kullen relocated to a former Pathmark location in Garden City Park in November 2011.

UFC, which is subletting the building from King Kullen, had originally planned to open the new gym in February or March. But Sedlack said permits required to renovate the site into 24-hour fitness center had been delayed by Hurricane Sandy. 

Sedlack said UFC is targeting is adults between 25 and 45 years old. He said the gym has already enrolled 2,000 members, exceeding expectations at this point.

“I knew the club would do well. I didn’t think it would do this well,” Sedlack said. “People are looking for something a little bit different and I think they’re finding it in this club.”

UFC has been using a 5,000 square-foot location with demonstration equipment at 1596 Union Turnpike in New Hyde Park to sign up members.

Subscription costs for the gym will start out at $50 to $99 a month, depending on the level of membership individuals and families select. Classes will be offered in a range of fitness regimens, including cycling, Zumba and various martial arts, available to members according to their subscription plan.

“Members can use whatever they want here,” Figorski said. “What we look for is that family atmosphere.”   

Sedlack has said the company sees Long Island as an underserved market for gym facilities and selected New Hyde Park as a central location in the region. He also said the demographics and income level of the local area was a good fit for the facility. 

The New Hyde Park club will be the second UFC gym outside of California and Hawaii. UFC opened a facility in Manhattan’s financial district in April.

Sedlack said word-of-mouth has largely driven membership along with direct mail. He said members of the Greater New Hyde Park Chamber have been “ultra-responsive” in giving UFC marketing ideas, but said the company’s marketing effort has been minimal.

“We haven’t needed to go out of our way in marketing because of the community responsiveness,” he said.

The new facility is featured on Facebook as UFC Gym on Long Island.


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