Northwell launches $1 billion fundraising campaign

A rendering of Northwell's proposed surgical pavilion for Manhasset. (Photo courtesy of Northwell Health)

Northwell Health is holding a seven-year $1 billion fundraising campaign called “Outpacing the Impossible: the Northwell Campaign.”

The campaign is Northwell’s first system-wide fundraising campaign, according to the health system.

In addition to donations from individuals, companies and organizations, the campaign includes an employee-giving program, Northwell’s first such program for the entire system.

More than 5,000 employees have already contributed, raising more than $7 million.

Outpacing the Impossible launched in mid-October and its chairs are Leonard Feinstein, William L. Mack and Roy J. Zuckerberg.

“Like most nonprofits, we operate on incredibly thin margins and we don’t use our revenue to pay shareholders,” said Mark Claster, chair of Northwell’s Board of Trustees. “We reinvest that money back into the organization to improve our facilities to take better care of people and keep them well.”

Funds raised from the campaign will be invested in innovation within the company as well as Northwell’s philanthropic efforts in local communities, according to Northwell.

“Philanthropy is critical to Northwell Health,” says Brian Lally, Northwell’s senior vice president and chief development officer. “Our entire health system is focused on the communities we serve. Philanthropy is our investment back into our communities and helps us to take better care of more people.”

Donations to Northwell have grown exponentially in the last three years, a press release said. The health-care provider received over $177.3 million in 2017, the most it has ever received in a single year.


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