Obama critics ignore the facts


I have read week after week the opinions of the critics of President Obama.  On several occasions in the past I have written in response to some of them and I have always attempted to be as brief as possible, so I will do the same now.

Let’s deal with the comments in the most recent issue of Great Neck News.  Ms. Urso and as usual Ms. Berney comment on basically unfair campaign tactics of the Democrats.  How naive especially by Ms. Berney, I suggest she look up the history of presidental campaigns dating from Thomas Jefferson to see what a really unethical campaign was like.  

Also does she remember George Bush’s campaign promise of “read my lips, no new taxes” among others or his son leading us into two tragic wars and his start of the TARP program.  Has she ever wondered why we are having problems in the Middle East with alQaeda and the Taliban and others like them?  

I will leave that question for her and others who share her view to think about that question.

As for the good doctor Morris, how one-sided is his view.  Does he follow the antics of the financial industry where welfare handouts in various forms have been rampant through Republicans as well as Democrats.  I suggest that Dr. Morris and Ms. Berney and others who think like them do some research as to the accomplishments of the Obama administration and as much as they might not like to admit it recall that the Republicans have been constant obstructionist for virtually every bill that the President has tried to put through.  

As the Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said when President Obama was elected, “we must make sure he is not elected again”.  

Does that not show the true colors of the Republicans?

Mr. Bedell wrote that Paul Ryan is the right choice for the country.  Does he know that in his 14 years in congress he wrote and passed two bills only?  One was to rename a post office in Wisconsin and the other was to remove a tax on the purchase of arrows (that means bows and arrows).  It turns out he like to hunt with arrows.

Also is it possible for me to assume that Mr. Bedell Jr. is not a senior citizen?  Because if he is he may come to regret his Ryan endorsement.


 John F. Nahas

 Great Neck


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