Obama spending taxpayer $$$ to win election


It’s really so obvious: Obama’s plan to win a second term:

1- Keep the bankrupt post office going a little while longer, and get the votes of all their workers and their families.

2- Triple the food stamp program, and extend unemployment benefits and get all of their votes as well . 

3- Provide below interest  loans to all students  (yes, even the poetry majors) and get their votes.

4- Give the municipal unions every benefit they want and get their votes .

5-  Never, I mean never, make any attempt to solve the bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid system, remember to always scare the retired folks and get their votes.

6- Give the illegals the citizenship they want and he’ll get their vote.

 Want some more?

 The list is not only endless, but Obama’s motive is blatantly obvious.

 Spend our taxpayer money on every entitlement you can think of and his re-election is assured.

 This week, another one of these novel “schemes”  surfaced. Obama’s  interpretation of the labor law. Remember, his interpretation is all that  matters. He claimed that white-collar sales reps for the drug companies are entitled to overtime.  Forget that the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act, specifically excluded “outside salesmen.” That doesn’t stop our Candidate-in-Chief, when it comes to 90,000 prospective voters and their families.

Unfortunately for him in this case, a “minor” problem surfaced when the Supreme Court just ruled in Christopher v. Smith Kline Beecham Corp that even Barak Obama sometimes has to follow the law. Yes, salesmen are “outside salesman” and don’t have to be paid overtime. 

Do I hear another “executive order” coming? To hell with the Constitution. In Obama’s world, forget following the law.

Only 139 days until November and the winner will be?   The side who gets the most voters out.   


Dr. Stephen Morris DDS

North Hill


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