Old Westbury gets state grant for new records management program

Old Westbury gets state grant for new records management program
The Village of Old Westbury will hold its annual election Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of Village of Old Westbury)

The Village of Old Westbury is one of three Nassau County villages to receive a state grant this year to improve its records management program.

Old Westbury Village Administrator Brian Ridgway announced the village had received $54,102 for a Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund grant, which will completely fund the implementation of a new management system in the village.

“The village currently does not have a records management program,” Ridgway said. “It’s something that gets overlooked, no harm no foul, but it’s something we need to get in place. With the assistance of this $54,102 grant, which will completely fund this project, it will get all of our records in one location.”

The work is set to begin this summer to add steel shelving above the village’s new Department of Public Works garage behind Village Hall as well as pay a dedicated staff of file clerks to organize the records as well as pay for additional supplies and on-site shredding.

Previously, the village paid to clean and paint the new records management room and install a door for security, and carpeting will also be installed soon.

The expected completion date for the records management program is this fall, Ridgway said.

Ridgway said currently, the Old Westbury Police Department files are stored in the basement and the Building Department’s records are on the third floor of village hall.

“Moving forward, the department heads and I will work together to dedicate a couple of weeks every year to clean out the old file cabinet, get it tidy and get ready for another year,” Ridgway said.

Other Nassau County grant winners include Nassau BOCES, Valley Stream Central High School District, The Village of Mill Neck and the Village of Sea Cliff as well as Nassau County itself.

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