Penner on Keller aid beyond the pale


Larry Penner continues to write to weekly newspapers moaning and kvetching about practically everything under the sun. But that he would now take offense at fully funding the sainted Helen Keller Institute, a facility located in our congressional district, is a bridge too far.

I hope he never has the experience of having a grandchild or loved one who cannot see or speak or hear, and then reads in the Great Neck News a letter from some wretch devoid of humanity making the argument, as he just did, that “times are too tough” for government to be more helpful, and “isn’t that what charity is for?” and bragging that he makes $25 contributions to causes he likes, and the congressman should just send his personal check instead of fighting to help those who are the most vulnerable among us.

Sorry about this Mr. Penner, but I will continue the do all I can to bring our community’s tax dollars back to help our neighbors and our neighborhoods.

You have every right to gripe ad nauseam in this blessed land with all of the rights and privileges afforded you. You’re free to take pot shots at all those who are actually out there trying, and I’m not troubled at being one of your intended victims this week.

But the deaf and blind and speechless? I’m sure they’ll understand that times are tough and their country can’t come through, but maybe you’ll be moved to put a few more nickels in the cup, kind Sir.

Gary Ackerman

Member of Congress


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