Phillips’ grant helps cover costs for roof repair

State Sen. Elaine Phillips (R-Flower Hill)

Earlier this year, staff at the Guggenheim Elementary School noticed that two older sections of the school’s roof were leaking. The Port Washington school district decided to take action as soon as possible and replaced the roofing over the summer.

To help with the unforeseen cost, state Sen. Elaine Phillips secured a $100,000 grant for the school district.

“I heard from numerous concerned parents regarding the well-being of their children due to leaking roofs,” Phillips said in a statement. “I applaud the school district for taking immediate steps to repair the damage before the new school year start.”

The grant will be administered through the Economic Development Assistance Program. Phillips’ spokesman, Stephen Romano, said the money had originally been put aside for the Port Washington Athletic League, but the funds had never been used. He added that the school did not reach out to Phillips for the money but that she wanted to reduce the burden on the school.

“This type of funding assistance for unanticipated capital improvement needs is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated,”  Kathleen Mooney, the superintendent of schools, said.

The grant will not cover the total cost of the project. Mooney said the cost of the repairs was $680,000. The two sections of roof were no longer under warranty, she said, and the school also applied short-term membranes to two other sections. All of these repairs will last about 10 years.

According to Mooney, the payment for the additional repairs will be included in future budget planning for the district.

The roof section had been damaged by storms and Mooney said she began hearing about the leaks in late winter of this year. Roof repair work began after the end of the last school year in June. All work was finished before children returned to Guggenheim on Sept. 5.


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