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Dr. Jeffrey Pierce was born, raised and educated in Manhasset and still lives here today with his wife and family. His grandparents lived in Plandome Heights, so his father, Dr. Edward Pierce, grew up in Manhasset and opened his orthodontic practice on Plandome Road, moving it to 81 George Street in 1956. Jeffrey Pierce has been practicing in this same location for more than 25 years as a board certified orthodontist, continuing a legacy of excellence in orthodontics that his father started in Manhasset. 

According to Pierce, his father always seemed to be happy and enjoyed being an orthodontist, so he felt this was a good career path for himself. During his senior year at Manhasset High School, he was enrolled in an independent study program that allowed him to spend the afternoons working at his father’s practice. It was at this point that Pierce knew that he wanted to be an orthodontist. 

Pierce comes from a long line of dentists. In addition to his father who is now retired, his uncle John is a general dentist in Bohemia, and his brother Steve is an orthodontist in Sayville. He said that when they get together, “all we talk about is teeth – it drives our spouses crazy.” 

Pierce said that he loves having his practice here because of the small town feeling and strong sense of community. 

“The people in Manhasset are very friendly and have a lot of pride in the town,” Pierce said. 

Pierce said he feels that the dedication of teachers and religious leaders make the town a very desirable place to live, not to mention, the great sport programs available to all the children. 

Pierce shares a bond with his adolescent patients who may have the same teachers he had at school in Manhasset. He said that many of his adult patients grew up with him and now he treats their children too. Because his office is an extension of his house, Pierce feels that coming to him is more like a visit to a friend or neighbor’s house rather than going to a cold office building.

Explaining the difference between an orthodontist and a general dentist, Pierce said, “An orthodontist is a specialist in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Only about six percent of dentists are orthodontists and they complete college, dental school and at least two or three academic years of advanced specialty education in the complex skills required to manage tooth movement (orthodontics) and guide facial development (dentofacial orthopedics). Dentists do fillings, crowns, dentures, cleanings, and whitening. Orthodontists do one thing and we do it well. We straighten teeth to assure optimal form and function.” 

Over the years, Pierce has seen a change in that patients are seeking to straighten their teeth for health or cosmetic reasons, and said, “Many more adults are having treatment today because of the improvements in dentistry. Most people can keep their teeth for their lifetime. Not only do straight teeth look better but they are easier to keep clean and therefore easier to keep healthy. Most people feel more confident with their appearance after they finish orthodontic treatment. They tend to smile more also. Straightening your teeth as an adult is no longer unusual. There are many aesthetic choices available for adults, such as clear ceramic braces or Invisalign, which uses a series of clear removable aligners to move the teeth.”

Pierce sees the future of orthodontics to be very exciting and feels that the use of computers will continue to become a bigger part in the diagnosis and treatment of his patients. 

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Submitted by the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce   www.manhassetny.org


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