Plandome institutes skateboarding ban


Plandome village trustees on Monday approved a local law giving the board the authority to ban skateboarding, roller skating and in-line skating on village roads as it sees fit.

The law initially banned skateboarding on Rockwood Road, Longridge Road, Woodedge Road, Park Woods Road and Dogwood Road, but trustees amended the legislation on Monday at the behest of residents.

The approved law requires the board to pass a resolution each time it bans skating along a particular street, trustees said.

“It kind of makes sense because if kids get the sense that Plandome is cracking down, they might just go away on their own,” Village Clerk Elizabeth Kaye said. “It didn’t lock them into these streets to have to go amending the law if they ever wanted to change it.”

Upon approving the law, trustees passed a resolution banning skateboarding from Longridge Road to Pinewood Road, a downhill sloping street that trustees said was dangerous.

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