Plandome talks water supply options


The Village of Plandome continued discussions during its monthly work session Monday about alternative water supply options, which include reactivating existing wells operated before it began purchasing water from the Manhasset-Lakeville Water District in the early 1990s, Village Clerk/Treasurer Elizabeth Kaye said.

Representatives from the Camp Hill, Pennsylvania-based Gannett Fleming, Inc. presented an analysis of the costs to reactivate its wells and maintain storage basins and water mains, Kaye said. Plandome purchased water from the Manhasset-Lakeville Water District on a 20-year contract from 1992-2012 but sued the district last October after negotiations in calculating a new water rate broke down. 

The board also discussed a road project to repair a gully at the intersection of North Drive and Brookside Drive, Kaye said, but deferred on making any definitive decisions until its monthly board meeting Tuesday. 

The board is considering regrading and re-curbing the stone work that carries water to the storage basins, which Kaye described as “country-ish,” but Kaye said the board may decide to “go with a different approach,” which would require rejecting the two bids that have already been made for the work and again putting the project up for bid.


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