Plaza pols pose as issues grow


Every weeknight as I try to navigate  past the chaos in front of Shop Delight, I wonder how is this allowed to happen?  

The  mayor [of the Village of Great Neck Plaza] and trustees show up for photo ops. They gorge themselves with salaries and benefits, double the trustees’ actual  salaries when you include benefits, while cutting back code enforcement.

 We read about smarter and better.  For themselves for sure. There is no village presence there at critical times . Code enforcement  does show up Saturday ,when that store is closed.

 Perhaps a ribbon-cutting by a triple-parked car would draw the mayor et al, to the scene?

[Mayor Jean Celender] speaks of drawing new business to the village.  What of the  three business that share the block with Shop Delight?  They’re being suffocated by the people  who have no consideration for anyone else .They do it  with no concern

As they do by Starbucks.

This is all of our fault. This board sits unchallenged. Lives and  operates in a vacuum. The prostitution incident speaks to that. Sure the owner was clueless. Wanna by a bridge ?

Sadly the “joke” is on us.


Robert Stevens

Great Neck


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