Protect GN sensibilities from others’ ‘bad’ ideas


I have been reading letters for weeks now from Stephen Morris (North Hills) that are offensive, inaccurate, fallacious, malicious, wildly false and generally a waste of reader’s time.  

However, more to the point, I have read his scrawl in the Great Neck News.  He doesn’t even live in Great Neck.  Let Morris spew his repugnant ooze of venom in his own local paper or in a national publication. This would be highly unlikely as they require writers to cite actual facts or at least state a coherent argument.

I believe the publisher of this paper also owns several other local area newspapers. It would be in the interest of this paper’s readership, and a responsibility as well, to keep the news and especially letters from the different newspapers separate.  I am sure the residents of Mineola, North Hills, and other towns and villages are more excited about their hometown news and opinions and are less likely to care about Great Neck local news and opinions. Please enough virulence from Morris in the Great Neck News.  Please.


Jed Berman

Great Neck


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