Record disqualifies Obama as a choice


This is to all those:

1- Catholics who might still vote for Obama/Biden even though they are forcing the Catholic Church to pay for abortion?

2- Jews who might still vote for Obama/Biden even though they have not stopped Iran’s nuclear capability and their “balanced” Mid-East policy did not include a visit to Israel?

3- Doctors who may still vote for Obama/Biden even though ObamaCare includes 127 government committees and boards, all  made up of government bureaucrats who will run our healthcare system?

4- Wall Streeters , bankers, small business owners and insurance brokers, who may still vote for Obama/Biden even though they have not only vilified your professions,  but have introduced  totally inappropriate, cumbersome, and non-workable sets of new rules, regulations, taxes and fees?

5- African-Americans and Latinos, who may still vote for Obama/Biden even though their policies have resulted in a 12 percent unemployment rate and a 20 percent underemployed rate within your own groups.

And, finally, 

6- Everyone else who still may vote for Obama/Biden, in spite of  their policies which, after four years, still have resulted in a 17 trillion dollar deficit, a  8.3 percent unemployment rate,  a 1.2 % GDP, our homes losing more of their equity, a “permanent” unemployed, welfare-dependent and entitlement generation, and watched as we lost our place as the leader of the free world?

After reading the following, I want you to explain to me, how anyone can still be undecided?

The current  administration, spent $1.26 billion, funding lithium-ion technology and the advanced battery companies.

They watched, always excusing their failing balance sheets, as GM only sold 10,000 Volts and Nissan sold only 3,500 of their electric model after Obama/Biden projected a goal of one million vehicles to be sold.

 Never mind  that there was no market for Obama’s car of the future. Forget the high cost, the length of recharging time, the limited public charging stations, the fires occurring in their batteries.

 Compared to what happened last month, the previous two years of failure was inconsequential.  Now, It is  really scandalous.

So, get ready for this one:

  Using the interest that Obama paid them through the sale of U.S. Treasury Bonds, China-owned Wanxiang Group Corp. actually bought ,  A123 Systems Inc., the leading American company developing and manufacturing  advanced batteries for electric vehicles.

You heard me right.  Using  U.S. dollars, the  Chinese government  now owns all of this intellectual property, the most advanced scientific material on the planet.

Romney/Ryan or Obama/Biden?

You have 85 days to make up your mind.

Dr. Stephen Morris

North Hills


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