Research shows cancer-abortion tie


Researchers, scientists, and doctors acknowledge the link between smoking and lung cancer.

Perhaps studies demonstrating this link were not widely circulated, in the past, to protect the tobacco industry.

Researchers, scientists, and doctors also acknowledge the link between abortion and breast cancer. Perhaps studies demonstrating this link are not being widely circulated today, by politically motivated, pro-abortion individuals and groups, to protect the billion-dollar abortion industry. It should come as no surprise that studies funded by those who profit from abortion have a bias. These studies denying the abortion breast cancer link are circulated widely. Denying the abortion breast cancer link and failing to educate women about the abortion breast cancer link put more women at risk of developing breast cancer.

From the worldwide literature, 28 of 37 studies clearly indicate that there is an increased risk of breast cancer associated with induced abortion.

As early as 1957, a study in Japan showed a significant link between abortion and breast cancer. More recently, Dr. Louise Brinton, a researcher at the U.S. National Cancer Institute, who in the past denied the abortion breast cancer link, reversed her position. In an April 2009 study by Jessica Dolle et al. of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Dr. Brinton admits that abortion increases the breast cancer risk by 40 percent.

Dr. Janet Daling, the lead author of the only published study specifically commissioned by the National Cancer Institute to investigate the link between abortion and breast cancer states, “Among women who had been pregnant at least once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion is 50 percent higher than among other women. Higher risks (more than double) were observed when the abortion was done at ages younger than 18 years or at least 30 years of age or older. I have three sisters with breast cancer. I resent people messing with scientific data to further their own agenda, be they pro-choice or pro-life. I would have loved to have found no association between breast cancer and abortion, but our research is rock solid and our data is accurate. It’s not a matter of believing, it’s a matter of what is.”

Dr. Daling is a leading cancer epidemologist and, incidently, a pro-choice advocate.

An excellent source for information on the abortion breast cancer link is The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute:

Breast cancer surgeon, Angela Lanfranchi, M.D.,F.A.C.S., has a detailed paper, “Normal breast physiology: The reasons hormonal contraceptives and induced abortion increase breast cancer risk,” at this site.

This paper explains the physiology in great detail. After reading Dr. Lanfranchi’s work, you will have no doubt of the abortion breast cancer link. Dr. Lanfranchi states,”As a breast surgeon, I became aware of younger and younger patients with breast cancer. When I had a large number of patients in their thirties with breast cancer, I analyzed my own data. Thirty percent of women in their thirties with breast cancer had no family history, but did have abortions. Whereas in my older patients, only 15% had had abortions. Every person in this country is aware that breast cancer is becoming a disease of young women. It is not a grandmother’s disease any more.”

I repeat, in the April 8, 2011 article, From the Desk of Carolyn McCarthy Women heroes found from Washington to Long Island, Carolyn McCarthy writes that “Long Island has a higher than average rate of breast cancer” and tells us of the money she has “secured” (from us, no doubt) for breast cancer research. Carolyn McCarthy fails to tell us of the increased risk of breast cancer in women who have had abortions. When Carolyn McCarthy votes in support of using taxpayers’ dollars for Planned Parenthood, she puts more women at risk of breast cancer.

“An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.” This statement comes directly from the Planned Parenthood “Plan Your Children for Health and Happiness” Pamphlet of 1963.

In the recent letters of May 6, 2011, of all the marvelous services listed by Ms. Frankel, Ms. Bank and Ms. Roth, as provided by Planned Parenthood, one is conspicuously absent – abortion, a “service.”

Abby Johnson, the former director of a Planned Parenthood facility in Texas, calls abortion Planned Parenthood’s “bloodline” and states, “Planned Parenthood’s bottom line is numbers. And, with abortion as its primary money-maker, that means implementing a quota. I know this is true because I worked at one of their Texas clinics for eight years, two as the clinic director. Though 98 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services to pregnant women are abortion, Planned Parenthood and its political allies have sworn up and down that taxpayer dollars do not to pay for abortion. But of course they do. Planned Parenthood gets one-third of its entire budget from taxpayer funding and performed more than 650,000 abortions between 2008 and 2009.”

Ms. Frankel and Ms. Bank describe “Planned Parenthood of Nassau County and its sister organizations throughout the nation” as “highly respected health care centers’ and “trusted health care providers” and site “the comprehensive, age appropriate, medically accurate sex education and outreach.”

Maybe they have not seen Lila Rose’s Live Action documentation videos of Planned Parenthood employees lying about pre-natal development, hiding rape of children, welcoming racist donations and aiding and abetting the sex trafficking and exploitation of girls as young as 14.

Americans who are aware of these documented activities do not think that Planned Parenthood is worthy of respect or trust. Most would say an organization, such as Planned Parenthood, involved in these activities, is corrupt. When Carolyn McCarthy votes in support of using taxpayers’ dollars for Planned Parenthood, she votes to give our tax dollars to this corrupt organization. The federal government gave Planned Parenthood over $360 million dollars last year.

Anne Reiser

East Williston


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