Romney backers ignore own interests


It never ceases to amaze me how people vote against their own best interest.  

The recent letter writer laments that her brother could not get affordable health care, but she is against the Affordable Care Act that would give millions of Americans exactly that.  

In Massachusetts, where Romneycare is in place, which is also the template for Obama Care, 93 percent of Mass. residents have affordable health care with an average premium of $40.00 per month.  

The Republicans are vehement in wanting to strike down the Affordable Care Act, with nothing to replace it with. How can anyone in their right mind not want health-care coverage?  

We are one of the only countries in the western world without affordable health care for all.  

Iraq has universal health care. George W. Bush put that in place!  

The ACA will save approximately $10 billion in 10 years.  

Paul Ryan’s budget plan will not reduce the deficit at all until perhaps 2030 or 2040 if ever.  

On a recent interview with Brit Hume of CNN, Paul Ryan was unable to state when his budget would start reducing the deficit.  What kind of brilliant economic conservative has a budget plan that doesn’t fix the budget until 25 or 30 years from now or ever?  

Mr. Ryan’s budget plan has been called immoral by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as well as 60 other prominent Christian religious groups. It strips social safety nets from millions of American women, the poor, the elderly and children, while cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthiest Americans.  

They want to eliminate Title X, the program created in 1970 that provides health care services for millions of American men, women and children and that funds health care clinics for millions of low income people.  

The Republicans have turned on the firefighters, police, teachers, education, facts, intellect, even common sense, women, children, America and American workers.  They support personal greed for the very few and a budget that is not compatible with Christian or other religious principals.  

When Eisenhower was President, the tax rate on people earning over $1 million was 92%.  Today, Mitt Romney pays only 13% on his income and still has found ways to hide the greater part of his income in accounts overseas. 

It may be legal, but is it moral or patriotic? As a Christian who adheres to the teachings of Jesus, “to help the least among us”, I find Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan’s budget abhorrent.  Their voucher plan for Medicare, where those currently over 55 can keep their current plan, will eventually leave those under 55 with a check for $6,500 to go out and find their own coverage.  Good luck with that.  

Current seniors seem to be satisfied as it will not affect them, but what about those under 55 and the “least among us”? If you’re worried about your grandchildren’s future, you should be terrified about what the Republicans have in store for them.  

A country of fabulously wealthy billionaires, controlling the lives of the others–the middle class and the poor and if I’m correct, just about everyone reading the Williston Times is a member of the middle class.  

While Bush and Cheney were exploding the budget with an illegal war based on lies and at the same time giving a huge tax cut to the very wealthy, I never heard one peep out of the Republicans about the deficit.  

Now, since someone named Barak Obama lives in the White House, all of a sudden that is their biggest concern.  Our biggest concern should be creating jobs, pumping up the economy with government expenditures for roads, rebuilding our crumbling bridges, addressing climate change and on and on.  

A good part of our current unemployment is due to the lay off of government workers at all levels of state and county government.  Just look at Nassau County.  The recent stimulus was tepid at best, because the Republicans fought any stimulus and many newly elected Republican governors refused to accept any stimulus even though it would curb unemployment.  

Just a thumb in the eye to Obama and an uncaring kick to the curb to government employees . Under TARP, Bush bailed out the banks, but not the rest of us.  

On inauguration day, the Republicans made a pact to do nothing to help the economy, if it would help Obama get a second term.  They certainly weren’t giving a thought to the plight of the American people, only to their own radical right wing political ideology and hold on power.  

UnAmerican?, you betcha!  With the Republicans in control once again, their budget proposes to cut the taxes of the wealthiest and the corporations and raise taxes on the middle class,while eliminating social safety nets.  

That’s not an America I have known all my life or would be proud to live in. 

Start educating yourselves and vote for your best interest, not against it.


Nancy Kirk

East Williston


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