Roslyn Estates Board of Trustees approves dumpster fee schedule


Village of Roslyn Estates trustees Monday approved a resolution to establish a dumpster fee schedule for residents keeping dumpsters on their property for extended period of time.

There will be no fee for a dumpster kept for 30 days and there will be a fee of $50 for the next 30 days, Village Clerk-Treasurer Brian L. Rivera said. 

After 60 days, residents will need to go to the Board of Trustees to get permission for further extensions, Rivera said. 

“A dumpster left for more than 60 days may start to aggravate the neighbors,” Mayor Jeffrey Schwartzberg said. “It would annoy me.”

Schwartzberg said residents will not be charged a fee for keeping a dumpster on their property for the first 30 days because the village is not concerned with making money. 

Instead, Schwartzberg said, the first 30 days will be used “as a timetable” to see how long residents typically keep dumpsters on their property. 

Rivera said dumpsters have not caused many problems in the village, but the resolution was passed by the trustees as a “precaution” to avoid future issues related to dumpsters. 

At their previous meeting on Oct. 19, trustees approved a local law amending regulations for residents keeping dumpsters and storage PODS on their property for extended periods of time.

The regulations passed at the previous meeting allowed residents that have a building permit to keep dumpsters or storage units on their property, without the need for a secondary permit. 

Trustees also agreed to adapt Rivera’s responsibilities to distribute dumpster and storage POD permits under their discretion.

In other business, trustees also extended the permit for the construction of a new restaurant at 1024 Northern Blvd. 

The permit, which was set to expire on Nov. 21, was extended until Feb. 21, 2016 Rivera said. 

Rivera said that DRF Hospitality, the developer of the project, has been working on the restaurant for more than four years, which was longer than the village expected the project to take. 

Schwartzberg said he recently met with D.R. Finley, the developer from DRF Hospitality and the restaurant operator, and their architect, Greg Andrea, to discuss the status of the project. 

Finley and Andrea told Schwartzberg they expect construction to be completed within a few months, Schwartzberg said.  

Despite disagreeing with the estimate made by the developer and the architect, Schwartzberg said he left the meeting confident that project “would make it to the finish line.”

Schwartzberg said he thinks the project will be completed in the spring. 

Rivera said that the village’s Building Inspector, Joseph Richardson is typically in charge of handling building permit extensions. 

An initial building permit, Rivera said, lasts for nine months.  

Richardson has the ability to issue three separate three-month extensions to the initial permit if necessary, Rivera said.

The board is responsible for granting any further extensions, Rivera said. 

Rivera said DRF Hospitality has already asked the board for multiple extensions during the course of construction. 

Trustee Rodney Khazzam was absent from the meeting.

A review and presentation of road evaluation by a representative from D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. in Woodbury was scheduled to take place Monday, but has been rescheduled for the next board meeting on Dec. 14 at 7:30 p.m.







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