Roslyn girls battle on despite dwindling numbers


The Roslyn High School Girls’ Varsity Basketball team has confronted a difficult obstacle this season: not enough players. 

Plagued by injuries, the team has frequently had barely enough players to take the court against its opponents. They even have had to play 4-on-5 in one game recently after one player fouled out — and nearly won anyway. 

The girls’ exceptional determination and cohesion in the face of many challenges has been noticed by fans as well as by opposing teams and coaches.

“The team has formed unbreakable bonds on and off the court,” said coach Noreen Naughton. “The girls have rallied together all season long to compete every time they step onto the court. Their competitive nature never seems to wane, despite playing at an undeniable disadvantage.” 

Roslyn’s Interim Director of Athletics Tom Howard, noted how the girls’ play exemplifies the ideal of high school sports. 

“In high school athletics, we always say that teamwork and character building are the most important qualities we teach,” Howard said. “This team is a shining example of what happens when those lessons are taken to heart.” 

The team’s assistant coach is Tom Valentino.


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