Roslyn Village Gallery seeks to make art accessible


Art can seem daunting, especially for those without the know-how to navigate its dense history and vocabulary, noted Roslyn artist Marsha Tarlow.

Often, Tarlow said, she even feels the imposing force by galleries. 

That, she said, is why she’s opening her own and letting the community watch as she works. 

“I felt if you see artists painting it would be less intimidating,” Tarlow said. “If an artist is there painting I’m hoping that people will come in and talk about what I’m doing, who I’m representing and their feeling about art — just a place to exchange ideas.” 

The space, dubbed the Roslyn Village Gallery, is set for a private opening Thursday night for the Roslyn Chamber of Commerce followed by an open house on Sunday starting at 1 p.m.

The gallery, located at 21 Main St. in Roslyn next to The Jolly Fisherman & Steak House, is intended to make creating and displaying arts more transparent, with larger windows letting in light during the day to show off Tarlow’s works in progress as well as during the night with large lights illuminating the window displays.

Abstract, impressionist and realist paintings will all be on display created by Tarlow as well as a cohort of other local artists who she personally selected. 

Tarlow said it’s important to carry what is popular and reflect what’s trending in culture, and for her that means and emphasis on abstract. 

Having painted all her life and in Roslyn for the past 32 years, Tarlow said she can tackle just about any medium, but her real passion is with impressionist work. 

One such work on display this week depicts a rowboat she found quietly waiting for someone on a pier in Maine. 

Another from her work is a diptych, meaning two paintings that can either come together to form a greater whole or stand on their own. 

As one of her first pieces in the genre, she evokes the chaotic colors of dance, as if directing a thermal monitor to the dance floor and snapping an image. 

But if all of that seems too highbrow, don’t be intimidated, Tarlow said, just come in to have a chat. 

“Hopefully they’ll see something they fall in love with and want in their home,” she said. “But if not they’re more than welcome to just sit and keep me company.” 


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