Ex Sands Point doctor gets more prison time for jury tampering

Ex Sands Point doctor gets more prison time for jury tampering
Marshall Hubsher entered the Nassau County courthouse in two different disguises on March 21, 2016. (Photos from the Nassau County District Attorney's office)

A Sands Point doctor will serve an extra 90 days in prison for trying to interfere with the jury that convicted him of rape last year.

Acting Supreme Court Justice Patricia Harrington sentenced Marshal Hubsher, 67, to one to three years in prison on Wednesday following his guilty plea last month to third-degree burglary and two counts of first-degree attempted tampering with a juror.

“Independent and impartial juries are a cornerstone of our justice system, but this defendant disguised himself and tried to slip a jury fake instructions to sway the outcome in his favor,” Madeline Singas, the Nassau County district attorney, said in a statement.

Hubsher ,a doctor who practiced in Flower Hill, will serve the sentence concurrent to his prison term for raping a 24-year-old patient he was treating for mental illnesses, with about three months tacked on, a spokeswoman for Singas said.

Hubsher admitted to taping false jury instructions to tables and doors of the deliberation room — which is not open to the public — on March 21, 2016, while he was on trial for raping a patient, Singas’ office said.

Surveillance footage from that day shows Hubsher entering the courthouse disguised in a leather jacket and baseball hat, leaving and then returning dressed in a suit and using a walker, Singas’ office said.

He was separately charged in November 2015 with selling prescriptions out of his Flower Hill office, despite having surrendered his medical license in June 2012.

Hubsher’s medical license was revoked in 1995 after a state investigation found he submitted more than 40 false insurance claims. He got the license back in 2006 after several requests to have it reinstated.

The Legal Aid Society of Nassau County, which represented Hubsher in the jury-tampering case, said it does not comment on individual clients’ cases.

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