Schumer failing to focus on important issues


Perhaps Sen. Charles Schumer should worry about more important issues than the origins of beer citizens drink. If you stand between Schumer and a microphone or camera, be prepared to be run over. Will Schumer now substitute beer produced in New York with wine and hard liquor at his frequent pay-for-play campaign events? Schumer is the No. 1 senator in soliciting millions of dollars from the Washington K Street and other pay-for-play special interest groups.

It will be interesting to see if there is a future quid pro quo in the form of campaign contributions from the Beer Institute, a Washington-based industry lobbying group as a thank you to Schumer for supporting the “I love New York Brew” campaign.

Voters would prefer Schumer put down his beer, stop his daily photo ops, press conferences and evening fundraisers and resume working full-time as a senator. He can start by converting his passion for free press coverage and campaign funds by assisting in passing an honest balanced federal budget on time October 1st. Focus on reducing our 9 percent unemployment rate and start paying off Uncle Sam’s $15 trillion and growing long term debt. Deal with securing our boarders, crime, education, environment, housing, nutrition and transportation rather than attempting to grab daily headlines and stories such as this one to feed his ego.

Of course, finding Schumer and his colleagues at work in Washington conducting the peoples business is difficult as they are only in session part time during the year.

Larry Penner

Great Neck



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