Singh’s PTA work shows skills for Herricks board


Dear Editor,

I am writing to you about the upcoming Herricks Board of Education elections on May 17. I would like you to know what a fine addition Jonai Singh would make for the board and for the community.

Jonai and I have a history of working together since our children were in first grade at Searingtown School in 2002. We developed and implemented Searingtown School’s first Spring Fling where the students and their families came together for an evening of fun and fellowship. It also was the beginning of Jonai’s major fundraising efforts for the school.

Jonai inaugurated the Searingtown PTA benefit dinner in 2003, raising money to enhance the school with such things as smart boards, cameras, books and fitness equipment. Throughout the years, I have worked very closely with Jonai and have witnessed her tireless efforts and passion for the children in our community.

Jonai’s leadership and organizational skills have been proven over the years. She is a team player, and is always willing to listen to other point of views. She has always been an asset to every organization she has been involved with, from PTAs to Herricks Music Boosters to working with senior programs in our community.

Please join me on May 17 in helping Jonai Singh become part of the Herricks Board of Education so she can continue to be an integral part of our community.

Stephanie Elgort




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