Suggestions for a school district with surplus funds


Let me say that as a New Hyde Park resident I have no skin in this game (or vote) on how the Great Neck Board of Education spends their taxpayer money.

I find it shocking that during a time when other school districts are forced to cut school programs and lay off teachers there is a school district swimming in cash with a $17,184,085 available in the district’s unassigned fund balance.

I have some recommendations on how this money can be better used such setting aside funds to defray an almost certain tax increase and/or in part to establish a college scholarship fund for the students of their district.

I am not aware of the legal ramifications of having an unassigned fund balance in terms of how the monies need to be spent, but certainly the money can be spent in other meaningful ways as well.

Certainly the money being spent will benefit area businesses, but I wonder who will get these lucrative contracts and who will keep an eye on how the tax payer’s money is being spent.

Barry Albert

New Hyde Park


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