Third Precinct addresses ‘mischief’ in East Williston

Third Precinct addresses ‘mischief’ in East Williston
The Village of East Williston's Board of Trustees at a previous meeting. (Photo by John Nugent)

Nassau County police officers are investigating claims of “mischief” in the Village of East Williston, according to village officials.

Three officers from the 3rd Precinct spent time at a meeting Monday night explaining to Mayor David Tanner, the Board of Trustees and residents that they are investigating instances of “ring and runs,” in the village. Ring and run, when someone rings a doorbell and runs away or hides before the door is answered, has been an ongoing issue in the village.

One focus of the investigation is a report by a resident of Ogden Avenue that a teenager used a tool to break a window, village Clerk Marie Hausner said.

At a previous meeting, Officer Robert Croce said that as the cold weather moved in, instances of mischief and menacing would dwindle.

Groups of as many as dozens of teenagers have been reported gathering around Village Hall in the past, and going as far as to harass residents. 

The village board also unanimously passed an expansion of a moratorium “on consideration or approval of applications for conditional use permits” in order to provide the village with an opportunity to reviews its zoning code.

There have been no updates on the possible erection of a fence at the North Side School, Tanner said.

The East Williston Board of Education’s next meeting, scheduled for Monday, lists the North Side fence project as a point of discussion and said that the district’s architect will be present.

The village board’s next public meeting is scheduled for Jan. 7.

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