Time for town to build a dog run in Tully Park


Isn’t it about time that the Town Of North Hempstead constructs a dog run that residents of the New Hyde Park area, especially those within walking distance of Tully Park, would be able to utilize without having to drive?  

The immediate area surrounding the park is home to over 100 dogs (check town license records) and the park has underutilized areas such as the portion to the west of the activities center. 

The cost of such a facility should be minimal particularly when dedicated, donated funds have already been granted for this very purpose. We are talking of a fenced in area with one gate featuring a few waste disposal cans and, if necessary wood chips (now in abundance).  

The cost could even be subsidized by a small use permit if necessary. The hours of use would follow the park hours or until dark (preferred as there would be no need for additional lighting). The noise factor is negligible as the western berm of the park would mitigate the occasional bark and would certainly be less than the noise of baseball and football games being played late into the night. Sink hole excuses are not valid as the park is used by residents year round.

 My fellow dog owners lament the lack of such a dog run as our canine friends need an area to run, play and socialize.  Tired dogs are happy dogs which in turn lead to happier owners!

 I urge all dog owners in and around the Tully Park area to contact town officials and let your voice be heard.


Mark Klein

New Hyde Park


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