Time to get rid of all the bums


 What happened?  

Harry Reid said that the failed “Plan B” would send us “over the fiscal cliff.”

To make matters even worse, every Mayan that I know was calling and telling me to prepare for the “end of the world” at exactly 6:11 AM. 

The U.S. and all the overseas markets were “tanking”.

The Democrats were playing the “blame-game”.  

The Republicans were pointing to a “laughable” Democratic proposal. 

Obama just couldn’t understand how anyone could disagree with his “fair and balanced” offer. ( Bill O’Reilly, no particular date!) 

The mainstream media keeps telling me that I should just “go-along” with the Administration’s plan. . Don’t  forget:  

“The will of the people had spoken,” (Joe Biden, written for him December 21st, 2012) 

What about the fact that:

1 – practically all of those 2010 Tea Party congressmen were re-elected again .   

2 – even with a terrible opposing candidate, Obama still only received slightly more than 1/2 of the entire vote (52 percent) and 

3 – fewer people voted for him this time around!   

Now, the president made us another offer we couldn’t refuse: ( Mario Puzo, 1987 ) 

1-  Just let him increase the taxes of those evil, job-creating millionaires and billionaires even though the top 2 percent of all wage earners already paid for 30 percent of all the taxes.

2 – increase his  government spending, even though he has spent over one trillion dollars more than he took in, (in each of his first four years)  and 

3 –  there would be no entitlement or tax reform now, even though 48 percent of the population pay no federal income tax and 47 percent of the population already receives some kind of government subsidy.  

His proposed budgetary cuts wouldn’t even reduce his deficit spending. 

How do our inimitable representatives in Washington handle this dilemma? 

You guessed it ! They are all heading home for their “well-deserved” holiday vacation. Work well done. 

So what happens now? As an eternal optimist, I made a conscious decision to let our over-worked, under-paid representatives handle the problems that they created. So I spent my hour in the gym, I had my usual healthy breakfast and Judy and I are continuing to plan our next year’s special vacation ( our 50th wedding anniversary). Life goes on for the Morris’s.

But what about that infamous fiscal cliff?

On Jan. 1 :  

1- taxes will go up for everyone making over $250,000 dollars. And  

2- all programs, including defense and entitlements will be cut.

Maybe we should listen to the Mayans as well as to Chuck Schumer. A 2 percent cut in the EPA and the Department of Commerce may cause the end of the world as we know it. But I seriously doubt it. 

In order to cope with these events:      

– All the Progressives at MSNBC have scheduled a session with their psychiatrists! 

– Paul Krugman and all his cronies at the New York Times are checking into a rehab!!    

– John Boehner has an emergency appointment at his tanning salon.

– Tim Geitner is cashing in his 401K And,

 – Nancy Pelosi’s jaw-dropping admonitions resulted in 2 more plastic surgeries!

But, thank God, all of these are covered by ObamaCare!!!

Want to hear my solution?  Easy! 

Just ban all transportation access back into Washington D.C. on Jan. 1. That way, none of the bastards can return from their vacations. Then just call for a special election for everyone in Washington D.C . Incumbents need not apply!    And let’s start again!

“Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

Ronald Reagan, 1977

Merry Christmas ( can I still safely say that?) and A Happy New Year !


Dr. Stephen Morris

North Hills


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