TOPSoccer teams in close matches

TOPSoccer teams in close matches

On a gorgeous soccer day, the NHP TOPSoccer program was in full swing.

The junior game was well-played and evenly matched. Chris Cooney scored for the red team but Vincent Schifino answered with a goal for the blue team.

The red team had a host of superstars.

Jessica Daly and Charlie Hinz were great on defense, Nick Mininson made some great saves as the goalie, Luke Schwartz was excellent at midfield and Sammy Duggan was a force to be reckoned with on offense.

The blue team had their own standouts led by Josh Hom in goal. Justin Almonte provided powerful goal kicks. The midfield was dominated by Alex Laroia, while Demond Pearson and Mary Glass aided the potent offense.

The seniors played a close game, separated by only one goal. The green team’s well-balanced attack was supplied by goal scorers Sammy Ho (2), David Glass (2) and Stefani Egre (1). Jefferson Yen and Nick Marangoudakis were the stars in midfield.

The red team scorers were Andrea Matteo (2), Billy Russo (1) and Sebastian Gonzalez (1).

Andrew Raihl and Matt Saraiva stood out at midfield and Adam Strominger held the defense together.

Sebastian Garcia was terrific as the goalie.

Great offense by Tristan Yang and Justin Durso.

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